10 things Career Ladder’s professional LinkedIn profile writing service includes when creating a tailor-made LinkedIn profile for you.

Today, we live in a digital village where everything is accessible and close at hand, simply by pressing a button. The domain of marketing too has entered the arena, and now as players in the competitive job market, we have to sell ourselves to potential employers too.

In response, Career Ladder has identified professional LinkedIn profile writing as the key to attracting employers as well as business opportunities.

Career Ladder provides this service as one of its many top-quality products.

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Why is a LinkedIn profile important?

Your LinkedIn profile is a place for you to build your professional brand, showcase your achievements and skills, and share content with other professionals. It can also help you connect with colleagues, business partners, and potential employers.

How can a LinkedIn profile benefit your business?

People come across your profile in a variety of ways. They might be searching for employees at your company or in your industry, remember you from a conference and want to remind themselves of your work, or simply want to learn more about your accomplishments.

A LinkedIn profile is the quickest and easiest way of getting you and your business noticed.

No matter how or why someone ends up on your LinkedIn page, there’s a simple goal:

Your LinkedIn profile needs to capture and keep their attention.

What should your LinkedIn profile include?

Career Ladder has compiled a 10-point list of points that you should include in your professionally written LinkedIn profile:

  • Profile photo
  • LinkedIn headline
  • LinkedIn summary
  • Work experience descriptions
  • Skills
  • Recommendations
  • Education and Certifications of Accomplishments
  • Volunteer experience
  • Post new content

Now that you know which sections will be in your LinkedIn profile, read on for details and explanations of each one, and how Career Ladder’s LinkedIn profile writing service will create a winning format to promote you, your background, and your business.

1.Profile Photo

Putting a face to a name is a vital part of getting noticed. LinkedIn users will see your profile image in the following circumstances:

  • Before opening your profile
  • When they click on your profile
  • When you comment on a post
  • When you try to connect with them
  • When you apply for a job

Choose a professional, friendly, and approachable image of yourself.

where your face is clearly visible. As a general rule, no recruiter is going to open the profile of a person with no image.

Not having a LinkedIn profile photo is a big mistake if you’re job searching or trying to develop your business. Employers and potential business partners might suspect your account of being fake.

2.LinkedIn Headline

In a similar way to your photograph,a LinkedIn headline is seen before someone even clicks on your profile.

The Career Ladder will compile your headline based on your input into fewer than 50 words, so the reader can get a quick overview. It’s one of the most important sections of your LinkedIn persona since it influences whether someone clicks on your profile or not.

Keywords and descriptive words will be chosen that show your exact skill set and also how you’re a good match for the type of opportunity you’re looking for.

The Career Ladder will add more details to help you stand out from industry peers.

Furthermore, their expert writers add key skills and keywords that show more of what you can offer an employer or an affiliation.

3.LinkedIn Summary

The summary section of your LinkedIn profile is important because it appears high up in your profile.

It tells recruiters or executives succinctly about the skills and experience you have, so they can match your profile to the job or project they’re looking to fill.

It is very flexible in terms of what can be included.

For example, the career ladder can include links to portfolio pieces or past projects. The flexibility of your LinkedIn summary gives the team a chance to be more creative, which will make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

If you’re unsure what to write, Career Ladder will be on hand with ideas, help, and advice.

4. Work Experience

While your photo and headline are most important in getting someone to click on your LinkedIn profile, your work experience section is the most important piece once they’re viewing your full profile.

For anyone, this is always the first section looked at on a candidate’s profile.

Even before your skills, before your summary, and before anything else, they want to know what you have done in your professional life.

Your professional LinkedIn profile should

Keep the main sections shorter than on your resume; this enables recruiters to get an idea of your work history at a glance.

The Career Ladder will pick 3 to 4 top bullet points from your resume per job, thereby focusing employers’ attention on the key areas of your employment journey.

The Career Ladder will place most emphasis on your recent work and identify one or two small elements of your previous jobs that will stand out in a very clear and uncluttered manner.

The standard and level of writing in all Career Ladder’s products is of the highest quality, with content that’ll make the reader want to set up an interview straight away.

They might still have some questions and want to know more after reading your LinkedIn work experience profile, but they’ll see enough to know that they want in and take things to the next level.

And that’s the goal of Career Ladder’s professional LinkedIn profile writing service. Employers and management will find out the rest by asking you questions in an interview or business meeting.

5. Skills

A LinkedIn profile offers 50 skill slots, and Career Ladder will take full advantage when filling out your profile. LinkedIn skills serve as keywords and will help your profile appear high in searches.

While there can only be a few keywords in your headline, LinkedIn summary, and other sections, all 50 skill slots can be used and you’ll still have a great looking profile.

Having a strong skills section sets you apart and helps people find you in search results.

The writing team will include hard and soft skills to provide a more detailed image of you as a candidate.

By liaising with you, Career Ladder’s professional LinkedIn profile writing team will work creatively and come up with a diverse list of skills gained in your career, but with a focus on those that employers will find relevant for the job or business proposal you’re hoping to land.

6. Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are a strong way to show employers that your professional background is relevant and that you’ve performed at a high level in past jobs. Most people who use LinkedIn don’t have a single written recommendation.

So, ask colleagues who you’ve worked with in your career to write recommendations related to the quality of your work. These will not be changed in any way, but included as written in Career Ladder’s profile.

7. Education and Certifications

Your education info and also any relevant certifications and licenses you’ve obtained in your career need to be forwarded to the LinkedIn profile writing service team for inclusion.

Like in the sections above, think about what’s relevant to the role and industry that you’re in. If you’re in an industry closely related to your educational background, you may want to include more information.

If you’ve had a long professional career and moved away from anything related to what you studied in college, you can just briefly include your degree without much detail.

If you think boosting your skills or adding a new course to your education would help you find a new job, then you can also take courses directly on LinkedIn, via LinkedIn Learning.

8. Accomplishments

LinkedIn offers a dedicated Accomplishments section where writers can highlight everything from languages spoken to projects and publications.

This section is a great place to mention any side projects or hobbies that will complement your professional career. You can also elaborate on your professional work experience by including work-related awards and projects.

Like your Summary section, this section is incredibly flexible, so Career Ladder can get creative and use it in different ways depending on your industry and job type.

For some types of accomplishments, the Career Ladder can even include links to external sites.

This is useful for showcasing publications and other accomplishments that are completely separate from LinkedIn.

9. Volunteer Experience

If you’ve done any voluntary work, the professional LinkedIn profile writing service would like to know about it.

The service allows you a separate section to include such information.

Career Ladder can add voluntary work as another impressive section to your LinkedIn profile that some people won’t have.

It gives your profile an opportunity to show employers that you’re well-rounded in your career, that you have social awareness, and that you’re active in the community.

Employers in any industry will view volunteer experience as a relevant and favourable trait.

10. Post new content

Put simply, while a solid LinkedIn profile is a great start, it requires regular maintenance to perform over time.

In the same way that updating your resume is essential, adding to and augmenting your LinkedIn profile will keep it looking fresh and up-to-the-minute.

Although LinkedIn is distinctly different from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, it still relies on content updates to keep things fresh and interesting.

As a result, it’s worth posting new content, either material you’ve created on your own for public consumption or the work of other leaders in your industry that you find interesting.

Career Ladder will be happy to assist you in every aspect of creating and maintaining your professional LinkedIn profile.

Where to go from here?

The better your LinkedIn profile, the better your chances of connecting with leaders, recruiters, and like-minded people. By capturing their attention, you and your business can access new growth and opportunities.

And while there’s no such thing as perfection, Career Ladder’s professional LinkedIn profile writing service is as close as you can get to the mark.

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