Career Ladder is a professional executive resume writing service.

As an executive, you want a resume that will match and reflect your unique qualities and experience accurately and impressively so as to generate more employer responses. So, how do we get started, and how will Career Ladder’s professional executive resume writing service portray your executive profile?

An executive resume that’s as unique as you are.

What is it that you bring to the organization that’s better than the next executive?

Your brand image is what sells you. When you are side by side with other talented executives of equal or greater experience, you need to get noticed by setting yourself apart.

It’s a highly competitive world,and a career ladder knows the days of a basic work history and a list of bullets as a resume are gone.

As an executive, it’s important to know that without a solid, well-thought-out brand image, you’re not going to get far. So, we create a brand image through your executive resume that highlights your value.

The all-important planning stages

Planning is the first part of executing any great strategy. The same goes for producing a great executive resume.

Whenever Career Ladder starts an executive resume writing project, we ask our clients to identify a few job profiles that they would be interested in applying for. This is the target we are aiming your resume at. A job description helps us stay on track throughout the writing process, so we can be sure we are working towards the end goal: a perfectly tailored resume.

Ask yourself the questions you want the answers to.

If you’re not sure which kinds of job descriptions to target, take a step back and explore a few questions to help with the planning process.

For example, are you seeking a position in a larger company?

  • A smaller company?
  • A start-up?
  • Are you exploring a new industry?
  • Will you be targeting a lateral move?
  • We ensure from the start that these points are clear.

If this is a problem for you, Career Ladder’s best executive resume writing service will be especially beneficial, saving you time and taking the stress out of finding your next job.

Creating Your Executive Brand Image: The Broader View

After establishing which direction you’re going in terms of jobs, Career Ladder’s team will determine what it is that you want to showcase to the hiring manager or recruiter.

This will help clarify your new brand image and ensure it’s aligned with your target. Branding is always important for resume writing at all career levels. However, the skills and competencies that make up your executive brand must be of a higher calibre than ever before in your career.

Think of the big picture and how you impact the entire organization, not just the individual tasks you’ve performed.

executive branding questions we will think about.

Career Ladder’s professional executive resume writing service will be put forward. Some questions you’ll want to consider as part of the brainstorming session

Here are some examples:

Are you skilled at turning around underperforming businesses?

Driving customer relationships?

Have you ever been able to propel your organization into a new market that has not yet been penetrated?

By telling the hiring manager about these kinds of things in your resume, you bring your personal brand to the forefront of the market.

If you’re looking for a complete change of direction in your career, Career Ladder’s best executive resume writing service will implement a strategy that logically and realistically explains the why’s and wherefores of your career direction change.

The most important executive resume quality: selling yourself with a first impression.

The top section of your resume is the prime selling area.

Recruiters see hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes during a recruitment drive. This means that your resume must stand out from the crowd.

Career Ladder’s best executive resume writing service uses this extremely important point when creating your resume. The top of the page is where you want your brand image to stand out.

Making you stand out

A critical step at this stage is that you want to create a strong executive summary that excites your reader and encourages him or her to read more.

One way of doing this is by creating a tagline at the top of your resume that will stand out.

This is the best place to establish yourself in the recruiter’s mind. We will then follow with a concise summary that tells the reader more about you and what you can bring to their organization.

Mention your achievements.

Career Ladder’s best executive resume writing service team will consult with you and include key accomplishments in your resume.

As an executive, you probably have a lot, so it can be difficult to decide which one you want to write about. This is where our target job descriptions will help.

Having agreed on which accomplishments

To include and which are a good match with the expectations of the HR department, we will create a key highlights section that lists some of the accomplishments that match with your desired job.

In addition to this, your achievements and what you have accomplished will be included at relevant points throughout your resume, showing them under each role.

Hiring managers need to be able to see what you have done for other organizations to determine what you can do for them.

Summing up

Additional Sections:

As appropriate, the Career Ladder includes sections for certifications, awards and recognition, publications, speaking engagements, and community involvement.

We leave references available upon request off your resume (it’s a given and expected that you’ll provide these if asked).

Career Ladder’s best professional resume writing is marketing you.

One of the biggest resume mistakes is that people treat their resume like an autobiography rather than a marketing document.

Don’t make it all about you; think about what the employer needs and ways you can showcase how you can meet their needs.

Highlight key skills, experiences, and education as they relate to your targeted position. In the executive employment market, your resume needs to be of the highest standard to make your brand image shine brighter than the rest.

That’s why Career Ladder’s professional executive resume writing service has been created to assist you in making an executive resume that will ensure your career progresses as you want it to.

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